Saturday, June 4, 2016

Quilting For You!

I have been quilting long arm and short arm for many years... both traditional and art quilting.
I can now offer my skill set to help take your quilt top to it's optimum.  I offer  longarm Edge to Edge, and Custom longarm and domestic machine quilting .    I design/use quilting motifs that best show off your work. That's my goal!!!!

Patt offers a quilting discount for first time customers. 
For Your Review: 
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 Art Quilt Sample  : Long Winter Veil....    Custom Quilting: Generally $25/hr 
 This example 1st place  at both  2014 Houston International 
                             AND  1st Place 2015 Road To California 

Custom Quilting .I loved this quilt top by friend Kelly. 

                                Traditional Quilt Sample -    Custom Quilting

                               Example : Edge to Edge Quilting ( pricing starts at .0250 sq inch)

I live in the Moreno Valley, Southern California and have a working studio in the flat land of Claremont, Ca ( for general reference west of Ontario Ca Airport) I go there regularly..  I am also  in Orange County, Ca weekly.


Using  fundamental composition and design principles, I design quilting motifs to best showcase your work. Custom quilting billed at $25/hr... Please tell me your budget limits and any design preferences.  My goal is always to show off your work. 


Quilts can be delivered or mailed to me by contacting ((patt @
Estimating  Quilting Charges:
Minimum charge for quilting ( $50.00) generally applies to smaller baby quilts. 
# of square inches on your top: ______ x ______cost per square inch= ________

Pricing varies by complexity 
a/o Sept 1, 2018...
Loose :       .0250/ sq. inch  
Moderate is the most common request. 
Moderate: -.0350 /sq. inch   
Dense:         .0375  - .0400 /sq. inch   

 Longarm Thread:     $3 per prewound bobbin
 Custom or Edge to Edge  threads ...(Color Changes $5, each)

Average Quilt Sizes .. Edge to edge  examples
Type Bed/Use
Average Quilt Size
 example: loosest density edge to edge fee 
Crib/Baby Quilt
36" x 60" 
Twin Size
69" x 90"
84" x 90"
Queen Size
90" x 95"
King Size
106" x 98"
Detailed Charges will be provided on an invoice of account!  Payment to be provided at time of invoice/quilting completion.

A.  For quilts headed to longarm quilting( both edge to edge and custom) ....Backing and batting need be at least  8" larger top to bottom , and side to side than quilt top itself.  example... a quilt TOP of 60 x 80 would require a backing and batting at least 68 x 88.

B.  PROBLEM Areas:  Repairs, border adjustments,  any "required pressing" will be billed at $25/hr. Believe me, I won't do this unless absolutely necessary and you will need request pressing. If you have a pieced seamed wool quilt...know the chance of quilted bulky seams are high especially when seams are not fully pressed to stay open.

C.  For both Custom and Edge to Edge quilting... Customer will mark .. the middle of quilt top edge / backing edge  and  middle of  top and bottom backing edge ! Last thing I want is to get a different orientation than you desire!

D. Particularly if shipping your top and backing for quilting , Patt can acquire batting for you if needed. Discuss up front if so desired... otherwise customer will provide desired batting.

E. IF needed, discuss w/ Patt if you need binding created, and/or added to quilt... avg. to create/attach to front.. .10c/inch To hand stitch to back .10c/inch. I'm not promoting this service but can do if you really need me to. ;-)

F. RUSH JOB .. i.e. required completion/delivery w/i 30 days... + 10% of invoice total.

 Custom,  Heirloom,  and Competition Level Quilting...  billed at $25/hr.   Please let's talk. I'll try to design within your budget... Just tell me.... We'll work it out.
Patt Blair   ( 14555 Grandview Dr., Moreno Valley 92555     714 300-5300c